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Beyond the Ring

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Apr. 10th, 2005 @ 07:54 pm
Time Just before Jak arrives in Haven.

Sleep was a beautiful thing. The endless drifting through dreams -- floating. The carefree images that shifted on one's eyelids the created the possiblity to be anyone, anywhere. It was the feeling of going so fast while not --


Errol's eyes jumped open at the noise. "GAHH!" he yelled as the sun smiled raise of light into his eyes, burning them and blinding him momenterily.

"Good morning, Master Errol," said an unreasonably cheerful voice.

"AAN!" Errol sat up in bed, sheilding his eyes, "What the hell are you doing?!"

"Baron Praxis asked me to wake you," the small droid said, moving to Errol's closet to get his clothes ready.

"THAT," Errol pointed a shaking finger at the glisening window, "is not waking me up. THAT is psychological warfare and you do not want to make war with me, Aan!"

"Of course, Commander," Aan said in his calm monotone, "But you've overslept by three hours and missed your daily report with the Baron."

Errol's expression went from rage to fear. He lept out of bed and rushed on his clothes. Aan watched the man fumble with his boots.

Errol skidded into the throne room. The Baron stood, staring out a window overlooking his city. "Good to see you're still alive, Commander,"


Aan walked through the streets of the city, set on buying something to cook for Master Errol's dinner. He watched the various people about him. He was still amazed by how many different kinds of humans there were -- there were a fraction of that many of droids.

Human's were mystifying creatures.

Down the Rabbit Hole (Torn's band of "Merry Men" cont...) Apr. 1st, 2005 @ 09:51 pm
"I will say this about you guys: You aren't a trusting bunch are ya? I suppose its the tatooes huh. They ran out of cool designs when it was my turn."

He reached up and pulled on a small power switch and suddenly the entire passage lit up. He smiled in triumph. "These passages are lit by a totally different circuit board. Baron doesn't know about that either. Oh and I'd appriecate if none of you accidentally shot me. I've got duty in the morning. Erol might get a bit suspicious if I don't turn up."

Character Sheet: Tess Mar. 30th, 2005 @ 12:31 am
Tess, Not Your Average Blonde BombshellCollapse )
Current Mood: annoyedStill awake... Damn u yogart!
Current Music: Foo Fighters: Generator

Character Sheet: Ashelin Mar. 29th, 2005 @ 11:26 pm
Ashelin, Woman of Questionable ActionsCollapse )
Current Mood: crankyAwake...Why?! *shakes fist*
Current Music: Green Day

Hi... again. *grins* Mar. 29th, 2005 @ 06:55 pm
When do we find out if we get ta play or not? *looks sad* Please... *sobs* I'm soooo bored!
Other entries
» Torn's Band of "Merry Men" (cont'd)
Adel sighed, finding herself outside of the fortress for the second time that day.... okay, so it was night now. Either way, not fun.

"You know, trying to find this thing's gonna be a pain in the ass." She whined, stretching. "Maybe you should be more careful next time, and we won't have to do this." Jak commented a little coldly. "....that was a guy?" Daxter was still in shock.
» Torn's band of "Merry Men"
"See? Brought 'em back, mostly in perfect condition."

Jak turned slightly, looking over his shoulder before he turned to face the three that walked, and limped, towards him. Two women, one man. "He really knows how to pick em, eh, Jak? Look at that one girl, sheesh!" Daxter snickered, "What's that under her eye??"

The three walked past him, the white haired girl moving towards a box full of miscellaneous first aid equipment. Her shoulder was smeared with blood. The dark girl walked over to a bunk, whimpering and cradling her arm. "Den's shoulder is screwed up." The white haired girl informed Torn, "I think one of the Guards did it."
» Character Sheet
Okay, so it's still not completed, but I figured I might as well post all that I have, ey?

Character Sheet: JakCollapse )

It isn't that great of a sheet, but I hope it covers enough for me to at least start?
» Character Sheet: Ish of Haven City
Ish of Haven CityCollapse )
» The cavalry arrives ("Late, as usual" cont.)
Outside the fortress, a man stood watching the Guards scramble. He lit a cigar and took a puff. He large hover car floated by and he kicked the driver out -- not the fastest escape, but he'd be carrying a couple of passangers.

The door opened and his ear twitched. He smiled.
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